ADVA Optical Networking SE

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It Started with an Idea

Our company began with a single vision: to transport data, storage, voice and video signals at native speeds and lowest latency. A lot’s changed since that time, but our vision remains the same. Our products are the building blocks for tomorrow’s networks, enabling the transport of increasing amounts of data across the globe. From the access to the metro core to the long haul, we create intelligent, software-automated solutions that will provide future generations with networks that can scale to meet increasing bandwidth demands.

Innovation Is in Everything We Do

Our team is driven by innovation. It’s part of who we are and has enabled our company to become a technology leader. We don’t just listen to the industry, we steer it forward. Our team spans the globe and includes some of the industry’s leading engineers and developers. Our Optical+Ethernet platform is built on a unified foundation of fiber-optic technology combined with Ethernet functionality and intelligent software. This technology enables service providers and enterprises to develop a highly scalable and automated infrastructure that can meet the most rigorous networking requirements.

Building the Future Together

We have become one of the industry’s most trusted partners and are responsible for architecting some of the world’s most advanced networks. The reason: we listen to our customers. Our technology and innovation is driven by our customers’ needs. We develop the right technology at the right time, ensuring our customers have the solutions they need to stay ahead of the competition. Each member of our team is committed to our customers’ success. Only by working so closely with our customers can we effectively build the foundation for tomorrow’s networks